After more than 4 years of accumulation and continuous investment, the company has set up a sound research and development system, to provide a steady stream of power for the development of enterprises. In Shenzhen, the Department has set up a light source research center, the introduction of first-class talents, to hire domestic famous electric light source experts for the research and development center members, and research and development of cutting-edge technology, and colleges and universities to carry out cooperation, to achieve the integration of production, learning and research.

Department of Shunde Guangdong base in accordance with national standards set up lighting laboratories, product quality testing standards and national synchronization, to ensure product quality, stability, product quality, product quality are maintained at more than 99.5%, adhere to the use of high quality light source, electronic parts, materials and processes, light efficiency design requirements are generally higher than domestic energy efficiency standards.

“ forge ahead in unity, the pursuit of the first ” the research and development team is the constant pursuit. Poly Ke in the LED era is willing to continue to shine for the community, concerned about the health needs of the modern people, the launch of “ health LED lighting ” products, while the application of light from the lighting to expand to plant photosynthesis, disinfection, air purification and water treatment to help people create a full range of healthy living environment for the bright future of the road to practice!

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