Department of mission

To create a better life for human
We always adhere to the technical innovation to enhance product quality and service, and to contribute to human life, improve the quality of human life, and promote human life more comfortable, more relaxed, more beautiful.
We strive to practice “ create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, create profits for shareholders, create wealth for the society &rdquo, and strive to create a harmonious living space, and realize the great ideal.

Beautiful vision

We are committed to become a leader in the Dental Equipment industry, make the JOIDENT Sterilization Equipment become the world famous brand.
We will continue to enhance the level of global, global business philosophy as a guide, aiming at the international leading enterprises, continuous innovation, deepen reform, training of personnel, to create a global enterprise value chain.

Core values

Human oriented: everyone is a talent, respect for ability, provide opportunity; return and contribution matching; lifelong learning, continuous improvement.
Rational pursuit: would rather slow step by step, not to take the wrong step; the pursuit of sustainable development; in the development of the solution to the problem.
Reform and Innovation: the courage to self denial, self motivation; the courage to try, continuous improvement; the pursuit of excellence, unwilling to ordinary.
Authorization: the rights and responsibility of unification; fully authorized, strict supervision; decentralization, result oriented.
Collaboration and sharing: mutual trust, take the initiative to take responsibility, communication and cooperation, mutual cooperation, value, benefit sharing.

Operating criteria

Basic principles: centralization, decentralization, empowerment has ordered a chapter, with the right degree of
Development concept: harmonious development, scientific development, effective development, coordinated development of
Decision principle: respect the facts and data, from Xian not conformity, democratic decision-making, management authority:
Mechanism construction: the target responsibility system, the interests of traction, rolling assessment, to stimulate the vitality of the mechanism to identify talent, develop talent

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